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What We Do

By partnering with school and community leaders, Elves & More is changing lives - one bike at a time. How? By providing a strong incentive to improve reading skills, behavior, and attendance for kindergarten - 3rd grade students.

Each child signs a contract with their teacher. If they meet the contract, they have earned a bike. Students who do not fulfill their contract do not receive a bike. While this is difficult, it also teaches valuable life lessons.  More...

We Need You!

Through 2014 Elves & More has delivered over 144,000 bicycles to underprivileged children.

In 2015 we will give away our 155 thousandth bicycle to a child in the Greater Houston Area.

To reach our goal and to continue changing children's lives one bike at a time we need your help. Each $65 donation buys a bicycle and helmet and gives one elementary school student a better chance of improving their reading skills and behavior, with a positive, direct, and lifelong impact. More...


Key Messages

Founders Message

Founders Message

As our long-term supporters know, we've continually changed the way we describe our efforts, while continuing the same important work. Our latest description is "changing lives - one bike at a time."
What does that mean? In short:
1. At-risk children, 2. Education,
3. Intervention, 4. Health.   More...

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Help Build a Future

Elves & More is committed to helping children get out of poverty. By partnering with schools, parents, and you we are able to provide bikes to students who meet their contract. To do this, we need your help. Please consider a tax-deductible donation. Every $65 allows us to help another student improve their reading skills.   More...

Core Team

Meet the Team

Our Core Team of volunteers give of themselves selflessly each year for two weeks averaging 14 hour days in an effort to get bikes into the hands of the children we serve. We SALUTE our Core team - without whom the program would not be successful.
Contact for more information.    More...

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